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We are a full service Crystal Wholesale and Retail supplier based in China, and shipping to any destination in the World.  We are coming to you from Donghai China, also known as Crystal City. Crystal City is a global port for crystals coming from all over the world.  We have access here to any crystal material or any crystal items you may be looking for.  We specialize in finding unique, high quality items.  We pay close attention to quality control, and choose only the best quality items to bring into our studio for you to see, and we work hard to bring you these high quality items at the best price. Our price may not always be the lowest, but it is always the best price for the quality. We sell beautiful, one of a kind crystal items including carved items, flames, freeform, towers, spheres, rough stone, tumbles, palm stones, slabs, and much more. We are happy and honored to have you shopping with us.  Our business is based on the highest conscience, and honest practices. You are all welcome to begin shopping with us right away!  It's very easy to do, and we are always here to help or answer your questions.

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Phone Number: 008618014411623

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