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Welcom To Fanshi Crystal!!
Crystal energy is very powerful. It's the Higher Power of the Universe. To have that with you, helping with your daily life from small things like boosting your energy for the day; helping you dream better and realise things you need to understand, and even invite Love to your life.

We are a young business, started just in 2020, and growing because of you! Based in Donghai,Crystal Capital of China, we have a crystal factory, so we can provide you with the best price,and ship to most of the places in the world! Taking every client seriously and enjoying being able to bring joy to anyone's home. We pack every order with care and love, making sure any piece reaches our customers safely and secure.

We welcome you to take a look around, choose what you like
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Its not just about Selling crystals, but also educating on different types, we all have crystals that we cannot identify, well this is a perfect place to share and get some answers.

Enjoy your time here, because we enjoy having you!

Warm Welcome!

Fanshi Crystal